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Experienced Home Cleaners

Busy Bees understands home cleaning services are custom for every customer, cleaning schedules require different needs and requests and we are happy to customize our home cleaning service to suit the client.

Our home cleaners will come to your home to give you an on-site estimate, listen carefully to all of your needs, and provide an estimate based on the specific tasks requested by the customer.

Our cleaning prices for our services are competitive in the professional house cleaning industry.

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  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service
  • Highly Experienced Cleaning Teams
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • All cleaners cleared by Ministry of Justice
  • Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Custom cleaning schedule


We’ve thoroughly checked everyone on the Busy Bees team to ensure they are of the best character but we also only have talented members that share the Busy Bee philosophy.

The fact, each operator owns his or her franchise, they’ve got a vested interest in making sure you’re safe and completely satisfied.

The Benefits

Cleaning Homes since 1993 -

Busy Bees prides itself on being a top cleaning provider for the past 24yrs with 1000's of homeowners trusting our cleaners to provide an excellent service. Head office supports it operators and clients in every way to make sure you are given top priority and a residential customer.

Experienced & Respected Team Members +
Superior Cleaning at a Fair Price +

Home Cleaners Available: